Customer Feedback

Gilderfluke & Co. loves to hear from their customers. Read some of the feedback we have received. Please send us your feedback and reviews of our products.

Product and support feedback…

The service we have received from Gilderfluke has been excellent, and we have deployed their audio playback and amplifier systems throughout the range equipment, covering sixteen pavilions. The units are flexible to programme in the context of our PLC systems from Beckhoff, whilst the design and build quality is such that the reliably in service is excellent. We have great confidence in the durability of the systems

~ Clive, Managing Director, Engineering Creatives, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK,

First and foremost, the fountain programming looks tremendous. Doug did a spectacular job synchronizing the light and nozzle effects. Doug’s experience and overall knowledge was indispensable in rectifying fountain issues.
The other piece that caught me by surprise was the high degree of functionality of your equipment. I wish that we had you build the panel vs. what we got. That’s not your fault, it was the lack of knowledge from the equipment specifier and the ignorance/vanity/greed of the guy that built this one. It’s a bit disappointing knowing what we could have had vs. what we got as relates to fountain show control.

~ Doug, President, FountainLogix , Fulton, Maryland, USA,

We greatly appreciated all your help and support. You have made us very popular among many of the contractors because of your rapid response and technical knowledge.

~ Dan, Technical Sales, Fountain Supply Company, Santa Clarita, CA, USA,

Richard – many thanks that answers my question. I’m shall order 2 Amp modules and 2 x 2.5A power supplies rather than a single 5A. That means I can use the amps separately as required for other jobs
Really appreciate your excellent service.

~ Peter, Peter Key Sound Design and Production, Hastings, East Sussex, UK,

This is to all you Gilderflukers out there that have anything to do with customer service:
I have had nothing but EXCELLENT service from all of you. This goes from sales to support and everything in between.
You people ROCK and this is no small feat.
I want to especially thank Jordan and Victor for their latest efforts in getting my project up and running.
What you people do matters a lot to someone like me.
Thanks much,

~ Andrew, Art Department Supervisor, Old Tucson Studios, Tucson, AZ, USA,

Sd-10 support feedback…

You guys are brilliant, thank you so much for this, the files are working great now!! Thank you for your fast responses and thorough service!!

~ Neil, Assistant Production Manager, Studio Y Creations, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

Sd-50/GPS8 support feedback…

Richard, I’ve owned my audio engineering contracting business for 28 years and worked with many tech support people over those years. You displayed a depth of knowledge, patience and great communication skills that is rare and was greatly appreciated. Your product was great and you help us to utilize it exactly how we wanted to even though our needs required much of your time and patience to help us reach our project goal to perfection. Things turned out great and we hope to work with you and Gilderfluke on future projects.Thanks again for the exceptional support. (and product).
Best Regards,

Dan, Senior Audio Engineer, LAE