In addition to our off the shelf products, Gilderfluke & Co. offer a variety of services.

Training Services:

The spacious quarters at Gilderfluke Towers has a permanent display area where we offer classes in GilderTechnology. We know that our stuff is pretty easy to learn to operate, however, if you would like formal classes, they can be scheduled. We offer two and three day training classes for individuals or groups. Though we invite you to participate in classes at our headquarters, we will be willing to offer training classes at your facility.

If you are interested in training on GilderGear, please contact Carolyn Rowley ([email protected]) in our California GilderOffice.

Field Installation/Field Support:

Gilderfluke technicians are available for installation worldwide. You will need to pay all the usual expenses (business class or better airfare, hotel, per diem and other travel expenses). Our Labor-Installation rate (for both Domestic and International) and per diem are posted on our price list. If you are interested in having our trained technicians assist with your next installation, please contact Carolyn Rowley via email [email protected] or via telephone at our main office 818.840.9484.

Custom Design Work:

As time allows, we do custom design work. Most jobs are for clients that need a product to do a specific job that none of our off-the-shelf boards will do. In most cases, these have been incorporated into products produced by our clients. If you are interested in custom designed equipment, please contact Doug Mobley via email [email protected] or via telephone at our main office 818.840.9484.