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1 – Sd-50/0 Starter Kit
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Stereo Audio Playback, Show Control, Lighting Control and Amplifier System Starter Kit

The Sd-50/0 Starter Kit includes power supply, appropriate cables, SD flash card, Flash reader/writer & CD w/software and manuals. Sd-50/0 not included.

Sd-50/0 Starter Kit contents:

  • USB-Card-Rd/Wr: USB2.0 Flash Card Reader/Writer. Requires no software or drivers. For programming Secure Digital (Sd) memory cards.
  • MC-Sd Flash Card: MC-Sd Secure Digital (Sd) Flash Card
  • PS-24vdc/5.0A: 120 Watt switching supply featuring 95-250 vac in 24 vdc 5.0 Amp outputs (specify country of use)
  • C-LineCord-2c/USA: Two conducter 115vac line cord.
  • C-10F: 10 conducter ribbon cable for 1/4 J-6 output cables
  • C-10IDS: 10 position female ribbon connector
  • C-10Trans: 10 position adapter to transition between ribbon cable & screw terminals
  • Mp3-50/CBL: RS-232 serial cable
  • GilderTweaker: Small screwdriver set
  • Gilder CD: CD-ROM with all Gilderfluke software manuals, application notes, drivers and sample files

Note: Parts may differ from those shown

The Sd-50/0 is a complete stand alone stereo audio playback system. The show control and DMX-512 output options make it into a complete Audio and Show Control solution.

Features of the Sd-50/0 include:

  • Stereo playback of standard Mp3 or .WAV audio files. Up to 255 different SoundFiles can be selected and played. Sound capacity is limited to 2GB (or smaller) MMC/Sd memory cards that are formatted with FAT32 only.
  • Two line level outputs (RCA Jacks) and 100 Watt stereo Class-D amp with the power of a 400 Watt amp.
  • All configuration is done through a user-friendly Windows-based program. You can set the volume and what each of eight optically isolated inputs do. Inputs can be used to ramp audio to preset levels, select and play specific sounds or select sounds from a preset list or randomizer.
  • Mounts stand alone, in 2-3/4″ Augat Snap Track, or on DIN rail (with adapters).
  • Runs on any voltage from 12 to 24 vdc. Use 24 vdc for maximum output if using onboard amp.

Sd-50 Options:

  • The Sd-50/8 adds eight digital (on/off) Show Control outputs to a Sd-50/0. Eight of the outputs can be used for controlling eight model airplane-style ServoMotors.
  • The Sd-50/40 adds forty digital (on/off) Show Control outputs to a Sd-50/0. Eight of the outputs can be used for controlling eight model airplane-style ServoMotors.
  • Optional GPS clock (Sd-50/GPS8 or Sd-50/GPS40)for triggering using a 365 day schedule. The Satellite Synchronized GPS option allows sounds and shows to be scheduled to play at any time of the day or night with phenomenal accuracy.
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