Package Contents:
1 – DAC-Quad
1 – GilderThumbDrive w/Software & Manuals
Suggested Accessories

DMX-512, Analog & ServoMotor Output miniBrick

The DAC-Quad is used when you need to control anything that needs a 0-10 vdc analog control voltage. These include animated shows, lighting, motion base simulators, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, special effects, signs, fountains, and more.

A Digital device is either on or off, like a light switch. An Analog device is on, off, or at any point between. A common example of an analog device is a lamp dimmer. In animation, analog movements give the fluid, lifelike movements that are needed to bring an animated figure to life. Analog movements can be moved as quickly or slowly as you desire, and stopped at any point within their range of movement.

Features of the DAC-Quad include:

  • The DAC-Quad controls four 0-10 vdc outputs or four PCM outputs for controlling model airplane-style servomotors. These mirror the analog outputs. Analog outputs are oversampled to four times the incoming frame rate using a 16 bit DAC. This makes the outputs smooth enough to run a large motion base. Analog endpoints can be set anywhere within the 0-10 vdc range, or even reversed. Each ServoMotor output can be adjusted anywhere between 0.5 and 2.5 milliseconds to give you a 90º ServoMotor rotation.
  • Accepts eight or twelve bit resolution commands from your Pc•MACs Animation Programming System.
  • Built-in Ease-In when shows or DMX-512 starts or stops. These keep the outputs from jumping.
  • Networkable! The DAC-Quad can act as a ‘master’, sending up to 512 channels of DMX-512 data to other GilderGear and DMX-512-compatible equipment that act as a ‘slaves’, or the DAC-Quad can receive DMX-512 from an external source, and itself be a ‘slave’. Error checking prevents any updates from bad DMX-512 data. As a ‘Master’, the DAC-Quad has the DMX-512 output capacity to run most shows.
  • Micro Sd Flash card for a virtually unlimited show capacity. Up to 255 shows can be loaded onto a DAC-Quad at one time. In many installations, the DAC-Quad can take the place of a lighting board.
  • Indicator LEDs for heartbeat, trigger inputs, analog outputs, and DMX-512 status.
  • Two optoisolated inputs or the RS-232 serial port can be used to start, stop, or access shows.
  • The DAC-Quad cards can be mounted in ‘inaccessible’ locations, since they are Controlled and Configured through the RS-232 serial port.
  • Analog outputs are compatible with most Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and intelligent motor controllers, EFB-QUAD, PID-QUAD, AMP-Bipolar, etc..
  • The DAC-Quad runs on 15 to 24 vdc. If not using the analog outputs, a lower 7-24 vdc can be used.
  • Identical in size and shape to a Br-miniBrick8. Can be mounted on Snap-Track, DIN rail (using the optional DinAdapt clips), or just screw or velcro it to the backside of whatever it is controlling.
DAC-Quad Suggested Accessories:

Input Devices

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Private: Br-MultiBrick32

Output Devices


DMX-512 I/O Devices


Serial I/O Devices


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